Flatwork Specialist / Designer Concrete
Concrete Tips
  • Be sure to sweep off any fertilizer that gets on your concrete. Fertilizers contain iron which will cause rust stains if left to get wet.
  • De-icing products and rock salt will cause severe damage to the surface of your concrete. Try plain kitty litter or sand for better traction in winter.
  • It's normal for concrete to crack. Cracks can be filled in; pop-outs, chips, gouges or other types of damage can usually be patched. For best results we recommend hiring a concrete professional.
Maintaining Your Concrete
Periodically spot cleaning and rinsing your concrete is generally all that is needed. Re-sealing occasionally with the same type sealer as originally applied will help maintain and prolong the life of your concrete. This can be done on your own by following the sealer manufacturer's instructions. The frequency of re-sealing is on an as-needed basis. However, like medication more is not necessarily a good thing so try not to create a buildup of sealer product. It all depends upon traffic, weather, exposure to water and the amount of direct sunlight to which the sealer is exposed. A general rule of thumb is to re-seal about every third year.