Flatwork Specialist / Designer Concrete
Commercial & Residential Services:
Removal of Concrete, Wood, Dirt, Sod etc.
Grading           Setting Forms & Steel
Interior and Exterior Concrete Applications:
Floors, Porches, Steps, Driveways, Patios, Decks,
Slabs, Footings & Walls, Countertops, KOI Ponds, Pool Decks
Various Finishes:
Colored Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Stamped Texture,
Stamped Patterns, Sand Finish, Color Stain
Standard Broom, Smooth Trowel, Fan Broom, Trowel Sweat
About Us
Known for their quality workmanship and integrity, Garmon Concrete is widely recognized in the concrete industry throughout the Spokane area. Ed's 34 years experience has earned him the reputation of craftsman and artisan. Be it architectural and artistic concrete as at Gonzaga, stained and stamped home owner's interior floors and exterior hardscapes or commercial concrete as in the steps at WSU Riverpoint and structural concrete for the farmers' silo equipment, Ed and Ken have completed projects all over the Pacific Northwest. Garmon Concrete Construction is committed to doing it right, from the ground up, every time.